born: 18.12.2014
 Sire: Aresvuma Shaba Nyekundu
Dam: Simba II
Reg.-Nr.: ROI 15/36719
Height: 61 cm 
Weight: 33 kg
Breeder: Dr. Maria Teresa Ferretti (Italy)
Dentition: full dentition scissor bite
HD: A2
ED: free
OCD: free 
Spondylosen: free 
Thyroid:  normal
Heart ultrasound:  normal
Degenerative Myelopathy:  N/N homozygot / no carrier
blue Dilute:  D/D homozygot / no carrier
Hemophilia B:  N/N homozygot / no carrier
B - Locus:  B/B homozygot / no carrier liver gen
JME:  N/N clear


Pedigree Jua.pdf
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ZZP / Breeding test

Jua fully passed the breeding examination and temper test on 19.03.2017 at the Club E.L.S.A/VDH/FCI

judge: breed specialist Dr. Horst Kettendörfer


Exterior assessment


1. impression:   feminine type, well balanced

Color:            red wheaten

Mask:           slightly

Head:           correct proportions and feminin

Muzzle:         strong, could a bit longer

Flews:           correct size and wear

Eyes:             round, dark brown

Ears:              very good applied and correct size

Neck:            strong and long

Back:            well muscled and good topline

Ridge:           correct

Crowns:        correct

Croup:          round und well muscled

Tail:                strong, harmoniously applied

Forechest:     good filled and lateral visible

Breast:            strong and deep, lowest point behind ellbows

Shoulder:       well angulated

Forelegs:        correct angulated with strong bones

Hindlegs:       correct angulated

Paws:             very good and closed cat paws

Movement:     raumgreifend mit viel Vortritt und Schub

Behavior:       friendly